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Managed Services

The MeJuvante Managed Services division supports companies in meeting their personnel needs of different dimensions and requirements.

We offer a timely provision of specialized consultants, technicians and employees for the realization of your requirements. We have access to a comprehensive pool with

  • More than 13,000 specialist and IT consultants in Germany, 6,000 of which are pre-selected,
  • and over 6,000 accredited senior consultants worldwide,
  • as well as temporary staff in accordance with the German Law on Temporary Employment (AÜG) (unlimited permission for AÜG is available).


Our personnel services for you

Executives and Experts is a provision of professional staff for both management and junior positions on the basis of permanent employment or freelance contracts. We can provide our services through our own permanent employees, freelancers or as an AÜG compliant personnel leasing intermediary (here your can find our valid open-ended AÜG permission).